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A flight of white owls round the sun

Elders speak as mountains fold

Walk through the fire of light

Returning as none – for all is one


Galaxies form as a single tear calls

A heart - a starburst vanishes

Into the clear light of heavens mold

As the drum diffuses times sweet shawl  


A seed peers through the touch of yesterdays tongue

And is birthed again under moments thumb

Singing so softly attunements thunder

Into the harmonies of creation


The alchemy of awareness glistens - gold

As the desert of sands remind all

To greet the dawn so naked

As all limbs dance on the whispers of freedom

Mandala: Iris by Emilia Kun (

-- Aerianna January 2011





The Black Sun is Rising,

 Oh Risen,



Fill thy vessel empty for

Golden threads of resonance adorn

The eye of one direction

Spinning the needle of mind into

Zeons of momentary exploration

Within this sound field of bliss

Pass the translucent ball of creation

As we forage the bridge.

The crystal of hoods divide the dual - ism as

The alchemy of suns and sons

Forever rise

To Reflect the black mirror of constellations

And the transgression of one

From thoust winged eye


-- Aerianna January 2011                                                                                             

Mandala by Emilia Kun  






The Moon split open

And I ate the seed of mind

Returning as the bread

And the omnipresent wine

The deep soils of light

Wash all walls into the void

As we sit in the throne of awareness

Pyramids birth motion

Illuminating that which is always there

Into the granite of laughter

And as the birds of paradise gather

The golden breathe of being

Feasts the ethereal feast

And the sun of hearts great song

Forever magnetizes the way home. 

Mandala by Emilia Kun  

-- Aerianna Febuary 2011